How to Turn Let’s Talk! Into a Workhorse for Your School District

150407trustedperformanceAs a school district leader, you know that being early or first to know about a problem in your district as opposed to being late or last makes all the difference. Staying ahead of the game is one of the chief reasons you chose Let’s Talk! Nobody wants to walk into a firestorm of angry parent emails and press requests.

But it’s been a couple of months since your district went live with the technology — and, for whatever reason, you aren’t getting the volume of feedback you expected.

Starting slow was the idea. Now it’s time to turn the dial up and see what you can do.

Want to turn Let’s Talk! into a communications workhorse for your school district? These three steps will help you stake a reputation as a leader who listens and cares. It’s going to take some time, and a little commitment. But the effort you put in is nothing compared with the benefits you stand to reap.

1. Download the mobile app. You’re on the go all day. You don’t have time to sit down in front of the computer and pore over data. Our mobile app lets you monitor stakeholder engagement districtwide, from wherever you are. See what issues are percolating in your school community, and connect with staff to ensure a timely response.

2. Turn on social media monitoring. If you use Let’s Talk! primarily to monitor and respond to incoming feedback on hot-button issues, you’re just scratching the surface of what is possible. Our social media monitoring tool notifies you when your school district is mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or other social media. Automatically scan the Internet for specific mentions of your schools or staff. Create a virtual listening station and sniff out trouble in your district before it ignites into a full-blown crisis.

3. Take Let’s Talk! to scale. If you’re like most of our partner districts, you launched Let’s Talk! to solve a specific communications problem. We’re big proponents of the crawl, walk, run school of technology integration. But a wait-and-see approach will get you only so far. Take your communications up a notch by expanding Let’s Talk! to the building level. Give your principals access to the technology, and promote the solution as a resource for parents to communicate with teachers.

Looking for more? We’ve rolled Let’s Talk! out in more than 100 school districts nationwide. Give us a call or drop us a quick email. We want to hear from you.

Author: Corey Murray

Education writer and editor

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