Nurturing Relationships

Whiteboard_with_markersLast summer, our family welcomed a new baby girl.

While I recovered in the hospital, a dry erase board, of all things, became a marker of my family’s partnership with the staff caring for my child. Whiteboards, which are being used to encourage and facilitate interaction between patients, families and health teams, have become a symbol of open communication.

Our white board had four sections: contact information for our medical team, contact information for our family, goals for treatment and a section designated for our questions.

The part marked for questions was a simple feedback tool we used to communicate with hospital staff when we needed clarity about their goals for treatment. Whenever we put questions or concerns on the board, the hospital staff who entered the room either addressed the issue or directed it to the person best qualified to provide a response.

Like hospitals, public schools can benefit from inviting feedback through Let’s Talk!, an innovative communications platform that allows the community to share questions, concerns and ideas about important district issues. By implementing Let’s Talk!, district leaders empower stakeholders to offer honest, unfiltered feedback.

Similar to many industries that constantly ask customers to share feedback about their experiences, school districts must also gather input from their customers — parents, students, staff, community members and business partners. Informed customers make better choices. And informed and engaged parents make better decisions regarding their child’s education.

As the student population grows in number and diversity, districts must become true partners with their communities. That’s why I encourage school leaders to use Let’s Talk! as a virtual whiteboard that enables them to share information, build trust and nurture strong relationships with those who matter most.

Author: Bernadine Futrell

Director of Research

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