K12 Insight Introduces Engage 11.0

As you’ll immediately notice, we redesigned our look and feel to be more intuitive and refined. The much cleaner interface is more user-friendly and inviting. The new Home tab has shortcuts that make it easier to create and distribute surveys, as well as analyze report data. The portlets allow you to quickly find vital information without even entering your account.

In addition, in 11.0 you can create a survey right from the Home tab, copy an existing survey, use one from the Survey Bank or create one from scratch. You can also view the five most recent actions taken using your account, including actions taken by sub-users.

Our new Email Manager allows you to create multiple email invitation templates for one survey and personalize the content for each of your participant groups. You can use the same invitation text for your reminder email or choose to create a brand new reminder.

True engagement relies on a reliable way of reaching stakeholders. So we’d rather you focus your valuable time and energy listening and responding to your community than become distracted by the technology that makes these conversations possible.

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