In Pursuit of a High Performance Culture

K12InsightLogo_hiResEvery organization has its own rhythm, its own personality, its own culture. As K12 Insight continues to grow and evolve, we rely on our team members to help us create and sustain the high performance culture that’s so crucial to our identity.

In order to build a team with the right skills, dedication and passion, we have created a rigorous hiring process requiring a real investment from both sides — the candidate and our hiring staff. We both must determine if the fit is a good one. And culture plays a large role in that determination.

Here are our core beliefs and expectations:

  1. We believe every promise must be kept, and every deadline is sacred. Whether internal or external, deadlines must be adhered to. Of course, exceptions do arise. But, if you need to change a deadline, we expect you to give ample warning, whether to colleagues or clients.
  1. We believe a high innovation culture requires onsite, face-to-face collaboration. While we do conduct conference calls and electronic meetings, the fact is there’s simply no substitute for consistent, in-person interaction with colleagues. Since we’re creating a culture that relies on physical presence to bring out the best professional in each of us, it’s crucial that you work onsite in our Herndon, Va., offices.
  1. We expect every team member to maintain a visible presence. Whether volunteering to serve on a committee, helping out a colleague to meet a client deliverable or pitching a new company-wide event, it’s up to every employee to actively contribute and help make this an enjoyable work environment.
  1. We expect all team members to conduct themselves professionally, maintaining a sense of ownership and accountability. Our most successful team members are those who truly own their work — on good days and bad — and know how and when to ask for help. Mistakes happen. What matters is that you hold yourself accountable and can professionally resolve any issues with team members. 
  1. We expect a commitment to excelling at our platform training. In order to truly thrive here, you must first dedicate yourself to our four to six-week rigorous platform training.  And, since this training requires your full commitment, it’s probably best to make sure you’re not juggling too much in your personal life during that time.  Our mandatory training makes it possible for you to successfully meet your responsibilities and perform at the highest level. 
  1. We expect you to bring to your position the same level of responsiveness, energy and quality of work that you displayed during the hiring process. If we hire you, it’s because you made a great impression as an intelligent, passionate, engaged candidate. And we’re looking forward to an employee with that same level of engagement.

Most companies say people are their biggest asset. At K12 Insight, we really mean it.

So, if you’re looking to fast-forward your professional development at a company that values dedication and high performance, we might just be the right place for you.

Author: Suhail Farooqui


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