Crawl, Walk, Run

crawl-walk-run-blog-01The birth of my precious daughter six months ago gives true meaning to the adage “No pain, no gain.” Indeed, I’ve found motherhood to be a thrilling labor of love. As I watch my daughter grow from a tiny helpless newborn into a gorgeous, steel-willed infant, I’m amazed at the personal growth I’ve also experienced. In thinking about motherhood, my perspective has changed from concentrating on the grueling nine months of permitted obesity or the arduous task of deciphering between crying pitches, to reveling in the adorable coos of my infant.

Today, rather than feeling overwhelmed by cabin fever, I crave every precious moment I can spend with my daughter, eagerly celebrating every milestone. My most recent obsession is teeth; I can’t help but constantly wonder when she’s going to sprout those pearly whites. However, I’ve learned that her teeth will come when they’re ready because each child’s growth milestones are unique. My daughter will crawl, walk and eventually run in her own time.

Districts that adopt the K12 Insight solution cannot return to their days of haphazard, non-strategic communication any more than parents of a newborn can return to the carefree days before children. By promising heightened levels of engagement among all stakeholder groups, we offer districts a transformative culture of transparent communication.

In a social media environment where any individual can use the internet to command public attention, district leaders light up at the thought of owning and leading conversations about education and decision-making in their community. Indeed, once a partnership with K12 Insight begins, and districts have access to research expertise and high-end survey technology, the temptation to repeatedly engage in conversations with stakeholders may be overwhelming.

However, we ask district leadership to adopt a “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach to changing their communication mindset. Change must be systematic and cautious. It can’t be forced any more than my daughter’s teeth can be willed to sprout. But, with time, access to accurate information and appropriate channels of communication, stakeholder perspectives will slowly change from apathy (at best) or hostility (at worst) to committed engagement — one wobbly step at a time.

Author: Ehui Osei-Mensah

Relationship Manager

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