What’s the Rush?

130726 Back to School-01 (1)I heard a radio ad the other day announcing a back-to-school sale. Really? An ad for back-to-school already?

I don’t recall the store, and it may be that my lack of recall has more to do with it being July than poor listening skills or my age. But the ad struck a chord with me. You know the feeling. It’s the one you get walking through the store seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween.

Why is it retailers are always one season ahead? Only a few weeks back, students were taking tests and finals, teachers were finalizing grades and parents were proudly watching their children graduate.

What’s the rush with back to school?

A time of renewal and recharge, typically, summertime is filled with rest, relaxation and fun. Ostensibly, taking a break from school is part of our seasonal calendar. But — just like the retailers who are always looking to make sure we have next season’s consumer goods this season — many educators are one season ahead, planning for the new school year.

For teachers and staff members, summer “down time” is for attending conferences, taking classes and going to workshops. That’s how some people recharge — by preparing for the next school year’s batch of excited students.

So, as I head off for a bit of fun in the sun to recharge my own battery, perhaps there are some takeaways from that “back-to-school” promotion:

  • Take stock of what’s needed for the new school year
  • Create a To Do checklist
  • Gather and replenish the right supplies
  • Create your own promotions to generate excitement for the new school season

As you enjoy your summer rest and relaxation, are you preparing for the back-to-school season? Or are you taking time to attend a ball game or enjoy a dip in the pool? Either way, whether you choose to unplug or to work, we’ll be back to school in no time. Make sure you’re prepared.

Author: Stephan Knobloch

Sr. VP of Research and Advisory Services

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