I Heard That!

130718 I heard that-01A recent article in The Wall Street Journal gives readers an amusing perspective on an alarmingly rare phenomenon — listening. Bombarded by vibrating phones, pop-up ads, streaming video and the like, the epidemic onset of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has left too many of us with jangled nerves and deadened auditory faculties. The article continues:

[M]uch to his chagrin, [executive consultant on listening] Mr. Steil says the public’s interest in listening doesn’t seem to be growing. As the Twitterati replaces the literati, ‘I think there’s more of an interest in being listened to than ever before,’ he says.

For our K12 Insight clients, making the case for positive change within their community’s schools requires more than a simple recitation of goals and programs. No matter how well conceived these initiatives may be — if they’re broadcast to unengaged stakeholders (parents, staff, students, citizens) —they won’t yield the desired impact of spurring constructive change.

YourVoice is an online portal incorporated into our client websites that allows districts to demonstrate they’re listening to the communities they serve. By presenting reports, executive summaries, press releases and opportunities for additional feedback to the community, this portal becomes the living core of the ongoing dialogue between the district and its stakeholders.

With an increasingly distracted and misinformed populace, many districts have a difficult time fostering trust and engagement. But, by circumventing the noise, encouraging active listening and promoting transparency, YourVoice is a critical part of a successful communications strategy.


Author: Todd Keffer

Relationship Manager

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