Don’t Forget the Voice of the Student!

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Teachers have a responsibility to educate their students, while also assisting in their personal growth and development. Because of this, teachers can never forget their students’ voices; they ring out loud and clear every day. Our superintendents and school boards, however, may not realize how important it is for them to hear from students on key issues.

Don’t think twice about opening this door.

These young, innovative minds have afforded us some great ideas. We need to keep ourselves open to their voices, allow them to be heard and recognize them as an integral part of the collaborative process.

For school districts, these efforts have had a profound impact. Listening builds solidarity and bolsters support from the inside out.

For instance, one of our client districts recently reached out to its student population about technology and facility choices.

The district worked with the student population first before reaching out to the larger community. Building traction and support helped them gain valuable insight about what was important to their students. And the students were excited to be part of the process — to know their voices counted and their input helped shape what became their future school.

Communication fosters hope and excitement. In these difficult and uncertain times, hope is something we can all appreciate. But hope can only blossom where there is mutual trust and understanding.

Listen to those you serve — they will stand by your side when the journey gets rough and help you make the kinds of decisions that require mutual trust and collaboration.

Author: Daniel R. Carter

Senior Vice President

1 thought on “Don’t Forget the Voice of the Student!”

  1. Even though this blog was written before TASA’s Midwinter Conference, I feel that it echoes much of the sentiment I heard while attending the conference. Not only must we work to include the “voice” of the student population in our districts, we also need to help foster that sense of hope – because for many of our students, it is that hope that will get them over the top!

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