Calling All Guest Bloggers — Let Your Voice Ring from the Rafters

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Here at the K12 Insight blog, we strive to provide interesting content and unique perspectives on the challenges and successes we see around us in the world of education. Our staff of contributors includes people from all sides of our organization, including relationship managers, researchers, sales executives, marketers and technical support — each one seeing things through a different lens. Every member provides valuable insight and a fresh look at the issues of the day.

However, we’re always looking for guest writers with new ideas and outside perspectives to contribute to our blog. You can read examples of what our guests have previously written here and here.

Are you a superintendent, principal, teacher or other school district employee? Are you as deeply entrenched in the world of education as we are at K12 Insight? If you have thoughts on how we can improve our blog and/or would like to contribute by writing a guest post, please let us know!

Send an email to Introduce yourself, let us know how you’re involved in education and share some topics you’d be interested in writing about. As a company, we’re all about opening up a constructive and candid dialogue. And we’d like to reinforce that concept through our blog.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Author: Tony Mastrorio

Relationship Manager

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