Good Teachers are Irreplaceable

In the hit song “Irreplaceable,” pop singer Beyoncé famously declares, “I can have another you by tomorrow/So don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’/You’re irreplaceable.” Ms. Knowles obviously was not talking about our best and brightest teachers when she penned these lyrics.

Teachers are the backbone of every school and every district. Every district wants to attract and retain the best possible teaching talent with the goal of preparing students for life in the global community. In order for these teachers to be effective at their jobs, however, they need solid district and stakeholder support, as well as a constructive way for their voices to be heard. When districts fail to meet these basic needs, they are unable to retain effective teachers.

Districts have a responsibility to ensure that teachers are trained properly, feel comfortable inside the classroom and have the tools they need to educate their students effectively. Student achievement appreciates measurably when teachers feel confident with their content knowledge and have a supportive work environment.

Unfortunately, far too many districts do not have a mechanism in place to determine the most urgent needs of their teachers.

K12 Insight gives district leaders the ability to assess teacher confidence, expertise and the efficacy of current programs. Armed with this knowledge, districts can ensure that the needs of good teachers are being addressed in a satisfactory way.

Teacher retention is critical. There are many reasons why teachers change schools or districts or even choose to leave the profession altogether. The guidance K12 Insight provides allows districts to design optimized programs that cater to the strengths of their best teachers, while minimizing any potential deficiencies.

This process ensures that irreplaceable teachers have a voice that counts.

Author: Valerie J. Carpenter

Proud mother of three, grandmother of two and Sr. Relationship Manager at K12 Insight! Working hard to help family stay strong and school districts to operate transparently building trust capital with their communities.

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