Understanding the Standards

There is an exciting movement underway in American public education, called the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  With this initiative, states are teaming up to create common standards so that all students nationwide are consistently well-prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce.  So far, 45 states have signed on to be part of the Common Core Initiative.

So what does this mean for parents, students, teachers and the rest of your community?  How will it impact the way teachers teach, parents support and students learn?  How will it change standardized tests and the expectations and outcomes that go along with those tests?  Why should people care?

These are all questions that families around the country may (and should) be asking.  And they are questions that school districts should be answering now, in anticipation of the changes that will soon be taking place.  Rather than waiting until the Common Core Standards are in place, thereby risking people misunderstanding their goals and intentions, communities should be engaged in a dialogue about the new standards right now.

Ohio’s Cincinnati Public Schools recently conducted a parent survey that included questions designed to gauge the level of awareness around the Common Core Initiative, as well as to educate their community about the coming changes.  Other school districts should follow Cincinnati’s lead and proactively engage their stakeholders around this exciting new initiative.

Author: Tony Mastrorio

Relationship Manager

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