Succeeding in a Difficult Job

The job of a superintendent is truly a difficult undertaking.  In reality, most people have no idea what it takes to run a school district or what the superintendent must endure to keep things moving forward.

Having formed friendships with many superintendents nationwide, I have come to understand how hard it is to keep all aspects of a district running smoothly.  Successful districts are run by superintendents who are not just natural leaders but who are also adept at building a team of highly-qualified and effective administrators.

I compare the task of managing a school district to “holding a tiger at bay.”  It lumbers around its cage, ready to pounce and run wild at any moment.  It takes tremendous resources to keep that tiger well-fed and happily contained.

Superintendents manage districts with hundreds or even thousands of employees, with extremely limited resources. Yet, they must live up to higher expectations than any shareholder would expect of a corporate CEO.  As public figures, they are subject to public scrutiny and judgment.  A tough job to say the least.

K12 Insight helps superintendents and their leadership teams engage with all their internal and external stakeholders, leading to collaborative decision-making. By keeping community close and staff even closer, these districts foster vitality and build trust.

Every day, I advise superintendents against allowing themselves or their students to become casualties of budget shortfalls and increased workloads. And I tell them they’re not alone as they navigate this difficult journey. K12 Insight is here to offer our expertise in leading with transparency and engaging in ongoing, two-way dialogue.

Author: Daniel R. Carter

Senior Vice President

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