Catch Them While You Can

In two short months, your high school seniors will be walking out your doors for the last time.  And while this will certainly be a time for celebration, it should also be a cause for concern.  How are you going to keep in touch with your graduates once they are off into the world?  How will you find out if they are successfully facing all of life’s challenges, and if your school system prepared them well for college and the workforce?  Unfortunately, most districts do not have a system for tracking this information, so reaching out to graduates is an ad hoc, “shot in the dark” exercise that is costly and yields few responses.

What can you do right now that will neither break the district’s bank nor require a huge investment of time and resources?  Collect their email addresses through a short online survey.  Explain that the district will follow up in a year to hear about their post-graduation experiences, using their feedback to improve the quality of education for future students.  Request that they keep their email accounts active or set them to auto-forward if they change their email address.

This brief time investment  will be well worth it, yielding higher response rates and more valuable feedback from future alumni surveys.

Author: Tony Mastrorio

Relationship Manager

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