Simple But Significant

K12 Insight offers a solution that assists public school districts with wide-ranging  issues such as school budgets, teacher engagement and facility studies. But our tool is equally powerful when used for benchmarking on a much smaller scale, as I recently discovered.

As chairperson of the Project Graduation Committee at my daughter’s high school, I lead the parent volunteers who organize the all-night, substance-free senior graduation night party.  Our goal is to entice attendance of more than 75% of graduating seniors. There is a lot of leg-work involved as we meet throughout the school year with a small core of 10 committee chairs and a dwindling volunteer group.

There are always a lot of questions at our meetings:  How can we transform the school with decorations, while keeping in line with the stringent fire code regulations?  Does every student need to leave with a prize?   How do we handle students who want to leave the party early? During our last meeting, one person raised an interesting point: “How do the other 11 high schools in the district handle their all-night graduation parties?” To find out, I created a simple K12 Insight survey and emailed it to the 11 other Project Graduation Committee chairpersons in the county.

I was so pleased with the overwhelming responses and interest that we decided to meet in February to host the first county-wide Project Graduation roundtable meeting.  Thanks to a very simple K12 Insight survey, the entire district is now preparing for a successful Project Graduation celebration.

Author: Tory Schulte

Relationship Manager

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