But Wait, There’s More . . .

K12 Insight offers much more than just surveys. We have a staff of communications consultants, research associates, project managers and technical support, all aimed at providing school districts with the care and expertise that they need to create civic capacity in their communities.

But wait, there’s more . . .

K12 Insight’s innovative solution also enables districts to decrease the paperwork that weighs down their staff during the school year. We can help by putting all of a district’s forms online.

Online forms are as simple to create as surveys. Just build all the forms in the survey platform and embed them directly on your website, by pasting the HTML directly onto your website. You can even use our Rules & Alerts feature to let you know when responses have been submitted. (You determine the conditions that will trigger an alert and the information that you want us to send you.)

Many clients are already using these features for all of their HR and registration forms.

But wait, there’s more . . .

The best part is that by putting your forms online with K12 Insight, all that information is captured in one place. Our reporting suite can then present your data in aggregate or separate responses into individual reports. You can even export your data to Excel or share reports as dynamic links.

But wait, there’s more . . .

Putting your forms online is just one of the many innovative uses of our survey software and expertise. Explore the possibilities by talking to your account manager today or by contacting us at 703.956.6460.

Author: Kevin D. Scott

Relationship Manager

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