Oh, the Places They Go!

Just about every school district’s strategic plan discusses ways to prepare students for the 21st century.  Standardized tests attempt to measure students’ knowledge of core material such as reading, writing and math, but how do you know if there’s any correlation between high standardized test scores and success in college and beyond?  After all, the purpose of education isn’t simply to make our children good test takers.  We teach them so they can be successful in life.

The K12 Insight Alumni Preparedness Survey has been launched successfully at various school districts nationwide. By surveying each graduating class at two intervals — at one year and then again at five years after high school graduation — you will collect valuable information about alumni transitions into college and the workplace.  Ask former students how well-prepared they were for various college classes, what subject they chose to major in, and if they are on track to graduate or have already graduated.  For those in the workforce, find out if high school taught them the skills they needed to be successful.

But how do you track down alumni and encourage them to participate in your survey? Start the process before they’ve graduated, by collecting email addresses and letting them know that they’ll receive a brief survey in about a year asking about their post-graduation experiences.  When it’s time to email your survey invitations, be sure to also post a survey link on the district website and include information in your social media streams.  By repeating this process with each graduating class, soon you will have a robust alumni email distribution list, as well as the likelihood of higher response rates.

Stop relying on anecdotal evidence from the few graduates you might hear from after they leave high school.  Instead, contact your K12 Insight Strategic Account Manager today for assistance designing and implementing an Alumni Preparedness Survey and find out how your graduates are really doing.

Author: Tony Mastrorio

Relationship Manager

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