Rules, Alerts and the Educator’s Case for Immediate Follow-up

It’s a well-known fact that the closer a reward or punishment is to an event, the more effective the reward or punishment becomes. This is precisely why, when you are training a pet, you’re encouraged to reward the pet immediately after the positive behavior is exhibited. You always want to react as soon as possible.

The same practice is true for the effectiveness of rewards within your school district. Let’s think about this in the context of a real school environment. You distribute a satisfaction survey to parents inquiring about their experiences with your faculty and staff. The parents offer their feedback and you, being the busy professional that you are, don’t quite have time to review each response as it is received. You put it off for several weeks and suddenly realize that you have received some quality feedback – both positive and negative. By this point however, your staff members and parents are so far removed from the experience that it would be difficult to remedy issues or reward your team in the same manner that you would have weeks earlier.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I simply don’t have time to visit the K12 Insight system every day to review feedback in real time.” Well, I am happy to inform you that K12 Insight has a remarkable new feature called “Rules & Alerts”. This new feature allows survey creators to receive an email notification each time a specific survey event occurs. Your email inbox can instantly become your research associate – informing you of valuable survey insights in an automated fashion.

Although some rules aren’t the most fun, this new feature certainly is! Happy surveying!

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