Where Do I Begin?

Sometimes the first step in the process of completing a project is the hardest.  When you sit down to design your district’s survey, there is almost nothing more intimidating than that blank screen staring you in the face.  But you can take comfort knowing that you are not the first district administrator who has ever wanted to learn more about critical issues from your key stakeholders, such as teachers, parents and students.

I recently met with Mohawk School System’s leadership team from Central Massachusetts. Superintendent Michael Buoniconti was eager to enhance his understanding of a variety of district issues, but, as a relative newcomer, he did not have an established set of tools to track his district’s performance.  He was looking for a solution that would spare his team the considerable effort of building a comprehensive set of surveys from scratch.

This is where K12 Insight’s Survey Bank is an essential resource.  Located on the Survey Manager page, the Survey Bank is a collection of surveys that K12 Insight has developed or implemented in partnership with our client school districts. Topics covered in the Survey Bank include Budget, School Climate, Human Resources, Staff Development, Technology and many more. You can either use these surveys as they are, or let them act as a starting point for designing your school district’s own survey.

So, the next time you’re faced with a blank screen and a flashing cursor, check out K12 Insight ‘s Survey Bank for inspiration.

Author: Todd Keffer

Relationship Manager

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