Of Stoves and Restaurants…

In a recent conversation with a superintendent and her school board member, I was asked to explain the difference between K12 Insight’s Fully Managed service and our Do-it-Yourself (DIY) offering. The simple answer is that, when we started working with school districts back in 2003, our early clients simply bought online survey technology with a commitment to do all the work themselves. In 2009, however, we began to offer a fully managed service.

Let’s compare our DIY technology to a stove. While the stove is high quality, you still have to figure out how it works.  You consult cookbooks (or know how to cook), gather ingredients and patiently stir the pot to cook your family’s meal. Even though our online software survey technology was designed for schools, those staff members still have to put in the time and effort to do all the work. They must have the know-how to craft expert surveys; translate surveys into other languages; write letters to parents, teachers, students and community members; draft press releases; figure out strategies to maximize response rates; run reports; analyze data; explain the findings in plain English; and other tasks required to accomplish a survey-centered communications project.

Our fully-managed K12 Insight solution, on the other hand, is like a high-end restaurant. No hot stoves for you, no exhaust fans, no chopping onions and getting teary-eyed. We do all the work. We seat you and your family at a nice table, there’s nice music playing, a master chef works with you to see what you’d like, and, finally, your dinner is served.

The K12 Insight master chefs specialize in using the two-way dialogue inherent in a survey.  This two-way dialogue is our secret ingredient to increase the reserves of trust between you and the various stakeholders in your community.  We gather data with a strategic eye and address the most critical concerns.

While some school districts continue to use our superb stoves and make the meal themselves, we invite you to come into Chez K12 Insight, have a seat, and let us help you and your leadership team overcome the stumbling blocks that are challenging school administrators as never before.

Author: Suhail Farooqui


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