The File Library is Your New Best Friend

Do you ever wish you could attach a file to your surveys, allowing respondents to easily refer to a document while simultaneously answering the questions in your survey?

For example, maybe your district is redrawing its school boundaries as a result of the 2010 U.S. Census, and you would like to upload a few redistricting proposals right into your K12 Insight survey.  Or maybe you are conducting a School Calendar survey, and you need to share a few calendar options for participants to consider when they make their selections.   Whatever your needs, we now have a simple solution for this common problem – the File Library.

With K12 Insight’s new File Library, located on the left side of the Home tab in your account, you can upload just about any file you would like.  Just click the File Library icon, then click Add New and choose the desired file (up to 1 megabyte in size).  The file will be permanently stored in your account, and our system will provide you with a URL (link) that you can copy directly into your survey, district homepage or anywhere else you might like to post it.

The File Library allows your survey participants to review important information that could be essential to making well-informed decisions.  So go ahead and use our new File Library, and immediately start receiving higher-quality feedback!

Author: Tony Mastrorio

Relationship Manager

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