Leading Change in School Districts

Over the last two weeks, I have been on 11 different airplanes, bringing the K12 Insight message of engagement, transparency and collaborative decision making to Superintendents in Nebraska, Minnesota and California.  It’s been quite a whirlwind here in California, as I’ve attended the Center for Quality Leadership (CQL) conference in Laguna Beach.  As always, it has been a powerful experience at CQL.   This is not surprising, because CQL is a summit of some of the finest talent within the nation’s Superintendency. Don Hooper, a former Superintendent from Texas, has been hosting this event with his team for many years now.

Don recognized very early the necessity for Superintendents to bring their thoughts together in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and sharing.  Superintendents are pulled in so many directions at their home bases that it’s important for them to get away, even for just a few days.   This conference allows Superintendents to take the time and focus they need to come up with new initiatives that could positively impact their school districts.

What I enjoy the most about my job is seeing Superintendents step up in the face of adversity, determined to make a difference in their district.  K12 Insight helps by showing districts how to rally around their community.  School districts and Superintendents cannot weather difficult storms alone.  They need all of their stakeholders to support them.

K12 Insight helps districts bring their communities together, fostering a real two-way dialogue.  The information gleaned makes the job of a Superintendent and a School Board so much easier.  They know that with any difficult decision they make, they will have the community to support them.  That confidence is what will drive change and truly have a positive impact on the education of thousands of children across the country.  I’ve seen how it can make a difference.

If you’re a Superintendent or a school board member and you want to bring your community together to tackle some significant district issues, or if you simply want to build trust with your stakeholders, please call on me.  Let me show you K12 Insight’s impact in other districts and how we can reestablish the trust and civic capacity you need to drive innovation and change for our children.

Author: Daniel R. Carter

Senior Vice President

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