Missouri on My Mind…

What I love about my job are the wonderful people I have the opportunity to meet all across this beautiful country of ours.  All of them are as passionate about education as I am and more.  I love to hear their stories and come to understand the unique personalities of their school districts.

I have had the opportunity to see many different school districts, all unique in their own way, but all with the same common purpose and needs.  I’m just wrapping up a trip to Missouri where I covered the entire state.  I visited  Clayton, St. Louis and Jefferson City school districts, listened to their challenges with an open heart, and brainstormed solutions to improve their strategies.

Missourians are truly engaging and passionate about their family, work and play. For someone like me, who lives on the road, I very much appreciate being sincerely welcomed with open arms.   And while sincerity is important for a visitor, it’s essential to the fabric of education. Children will excel when they feel the sincerity and genuine interest of their teacher.  Teachers will excel and be motivated by the sincerity and genuine interest of the administration. School districts will excel through the sincerity and genuine interest of the communities that they serve. Building trust capital and civic capacity is necessary to help our children succeed.

Author: Daniel R. Carter

Senior Vice President

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