Best Practices for Communications With Public School Parents

Last spring K12 Insight partnered with the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) to conduct a nationwide survey.  The primary focus was to learn more about how school districts are perceived by their communities and to understand the best way for school districts to communicate with parents and students.  The scope of this project was impressive!  Over 50 districts in 22 states participated, more than a quarter of a million invitations were delivered, and over 43,000 responses have been recorded!

Not surprisingly, all parents prefer to receive email directly from the district/school.  What was surprising is that parents do NOT like social media to be the primary communication method.  Twitter, Facebook and other social media ranked 15th out of 18 items on a list of possible communication outlets. This survey proves that school-district leaders who provide genuine, ongoing communication, are held in higher esteem and serve as the “go-to resource” for information.

K12 Insight would like to thank our colleagues from NSPRA.

To read the full report, click here

To go to the NSPRA site, click here

Author: Todd Keffer

Relationship Manager

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